Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Raising Capital for our new business venture

We are having an online garage sale to raise capital for our newest venture. Our plan is to raise money and clear out our dormant storage so we can expand on our newest venture: 1st Class Lingerie. Our first order of business is to raise capital to purchase the correct spelling of our web site. Right now we are running it under http://store.1stclasslingerei.com

We have already secured multiple vendors to supply us products to re-sell. Of the many only one is willing to drop ship, this puts me in a position of needing space and capital to purchase product in advance.

We hope to raise enough capital an have our venture up in the next few months.

We will keep our progress posted as we progress.

Thanks for your support.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

In Need of Beta Testers for BuyHits4YourSite Network


We have put the new and improved Buy Hits 4 Your Site Network on-line. We are looking for some beta testers to help us work out any bugs. With beta testing comes some work, but what we are offering is well worth your time.

Currently we are looking to test the counter site. It may be found at http://counter.buyhits4yoursite.com.

For your trouble we will set up 2 Life Time Accounts and 2 Free Accounts on the system. The difference between free and life time accounts is Life Time Accounts do not show Link or Banner Ads under the counter. We will also give you 2 Banner Links and 2 Text Links for the Beta Time.

We are looking for Beta Testers to use the four accounts actively for a month. After the month Beta Test we will convert all accounts to Life Time Accounts and keep the banner & text links active, indefinitely.

If you are interested drop us an e-Mail at president@buyhits4yoursite.com. Make sure you let us know you have heard about this offer here.

Have a Great Day,

Friday, February 24, 2006

Getting ready to launch the sale of the BuyHits4YourSite Network

We are finally ready with the revisions to the BuyHits4YourSite.COM Network. It has been a few months but I think we have it ready for sale. We are going to list it on eBay sometime this week. The auction will start at $24.99, a steal for all of the time and effort getting it ready. As some of you may remember this is only one of the two networks we acquired late last year. The other BuyHits4u.Com still need some messaging of its network before we can be happy it is up to our high standards.

Below is a copy of the ad that we will be placing on eBay.

The BuyHits4YourSite.COM Network is for $ale

You are looking at purchasing the entire BuyHits4YourSite.COM network. Currently it consists of the Domain: http://buyhits4yoursite.com/ and the entire network as currently developed.
The BuyHits4YourSite.COM network consists of the main site at http://buyhits4yoursite.com/ and a total of 7 like business as developed sub domains.
They are as follows:
Each one by its self can launch your internet business, but as a package it can launch your internet empire.

http://counter.buyhits4yoursite.com/ is a site where your clients can utilize you as a third party site counter.

http://top100.buyhits4yoursite.com/ is a unique web site rating site. It uses counters to tell the popularity of a clients web page.

http://banner.buyhits4yoursite.com/ is a banner exchange site. Your clients can purchase banner impressions across the site.

http://paidtraffic.buyhits4yoursite.com/, is an exciting opportunity that brings advertisers and consumers together. Advertisers post links and for members to review. Members then receive a pay per click rate that is predetermined by the advertiser. After a member clicks on that link and views the site for the advertiser determined amount of time, the member is credited that click amount.

http://paidclick.buyhits4yoursite.com/, is an exciting opportunity that brings advertisers and consumers together. Advertisers post links and for members to review. Members then receive a pay per click rate that is predetermined by the advertiser. After a member clicks on that link and views the site for the advertiser determined amount of time, the member is credited that click amount.

http://links.buyhits4yoursite.com/, Welcome to your top resource for website links. Our directory is growing daily with links to hot websites in a variety of categories. Add your own website to have our visitor's rate it to generate more traffic for your dot com.

http://exit.buyhits4yoursite.com/, is a pop-behind exchange program that sends effective traffic results. When a surfer visits your website, a new Full Size Webpage is opened behind your website. Likewise your webpage will be opened when another member of the exchange gets a visit. You will get 3 visitors for every 4 popups on your website.

As you can see any one of these business plans can be your cornerstone business with the others feeding clients to it.
With a winning bid you will own the entire network, domain name, 30 days operational support, 30 days hosting on our servers. You can relocate the network to your own server or keep it on ours. Our Gold Hosting costs $19.99 a month for the size of this network. You can see details of the plan at: http://hosting.nyc-search.net/compare.htm . Your domain in registered with http://10-domains.com/ and is currently registered thru June 8th 2006. We will not charge any domain transfer charges, but 10-doamins does require a fee, that you will be responsible for. You will receive your site in zip format for your offline safe keeping.
Certified Appraisal Number 6001
Appraisal of domain name: buyhits4yoursite.comPerformed by master appraiser SiriusStar.COMIndustry focus of name: b2b

Rating (1-5)
Ability to be associated with content.
Length, characters
Length in terms of characters
Length, words
Length in terms of words or partial words in the name.
Spoken Test
Likelihood that name will be spelled properly after being heard.
Breadth of Applicability
Is the name generic - e.g. can it be applied to a variety of institutions, individuals and businesses?
What is the extension: .com, .net, .org, .cc?
Does the name contain hyphens?
Is anything abbreviated, such as eName.com?
Appraised value: $189
Appraiser's Comments:

Please read the following before bidding.
By bidding in this auction you have agreed to the following terms:
Shipping & Handling None
Payment Methods
All Prices and Payments are in U.S. Currency.
Payment must be received within 10 days from the end of auction. Failure to make payment will result in NEGATIVE feed back on your EBAY ID.
Insurance and Tracking Confirmation need to be included in your payment.
I accept the following forms of payment:
userid: mailto:ebaysales@siriusstar.com?subject=eBay
If you are not already a PayPal member you will have an opportunity to receive a $5 sign up bonus. It is quick, easy and the best thing to happen to online auctions.
Money orders or cashiers checks are accepted but will require extra time for processing, approx 7-10 Business Days. Sorry Bank policy.
No COD's or Personal Checks are accepted at this time.
When sending payment via PayPal, your winning purchase will only ship to your Confirmed PayPal Address.
Other Information:
Contact must be made within 7 days of auction close.
Shipping, Handling and Insurance are non-refundable.
All Service and Warranties need to be handled through the Original Manufacturer.
All policies are dependant on normal business operations, policies may change during abnormal operations.
Any pictures displayed are used for general display of product for auction. Actual winning product may vary slightly.

Please Email me with any questions.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentines Day!


My wife and I have launched our newest web business SiriusStar Sensual Products. We hope to start this year off with sharing some excitement. You can reach our new business at http://1stclasslingerei.com. Yes, we know that is not how you spell lingerie but in the heat of passion, who cares!

As we introduce our new business, we are offering free shipping. We will also be introducing our items on eBay at special prices. If you would like to take a look drop my at http://cgi6.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?MfcISAPICommand=ViewListedItems&userid=siriusstar&include=0&since=1&sort=2&rows=25 .

We are also looking for some models to show off our products. To list all that is needed to do is purchase one of our products. Then take some tasteful pictures and list yourself at http://model.1stclasslingerei.com. You can become the lucky model that will be used to show off our product.

Have a Great Valentine's Day,

Monday, January 30, 2006

Major improvements to our network

It has been a while since our last post. We have been working heavy on our content. We have not made any changes to our core sites ( http://siriusstar.com , http://searchthepoconos.com , or http://nyc-search.net ).

We have added to the value of our content. We have added an auction site at http://auction.nyc-search.net , a legal forms site at http://legal.nyc-search.net , a mini-mall at http://mall.nyc-search.net , a real estate site at http://realty.nyc-search.net , a recipie site at http://recipes.nyc-search.net.

We have also moved our banner hosting site to http://banner.nyc-search.net.

We are very excited with this new direction we are taking our network in. Once we get a chance to slow our R&D a bit we will begin auctioning off our spin off sites. Keep your eyes open for our auctions at our in house auction site http://auction.nyc-search.net.

Have a great week,

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Product Review: Does Prospect Response deliver responsive prospects?

I recently signed up for an excellent email promotion service called Prospect Response:


We are all faced with mounting problems getting email out to our lists. Spam filters and places like AOL are making it more and more difficult every day even to deliver legitimate messages in the process of fighting spam.

Even though email marketing has been tainted by the endless flow of spam (and overzealous email filters), email promotion need not be a frustrating experience any more.

Prospect Response ensures your message always gets there:

• They PAY your prospects to read your ads!
• You can get hundreds or even thousands of fresh leads every day!
• Each message is double-checked to ensure it does not trigger spam filters
• All email is delivered with personalized precision though proprietary technology
• The company works with ISPs to ensure your messages are not trashed into spammers' blacklists and a lot more...

Bottom line: Your ads reach lots of responsive prospects. And makes you lots of profits.

Click here to sign up:==>

Monday, January 09, 2006