Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Announcing the Start of SiriusStar.Com Banner Exchange

Well, it is finally here. After 2 months of testing we are opening up the SiriusStar.Com Banner Exchange. I would like to thank all of the beta testers for their patients and feedback to make this project work.

To access the banner exchange you may click here or copy & past into your favorite browser: http://www.siriusstar.com/banner

SiriusStar.Com Banner Exchange

Currently, we do not have the script active to credit account when the banner exchange is displayed. Credits can be purchased on eBay or other agreements for credits can be made.

Currently the banner exchange is listed on only our partner sites: http://siriusstar.com/ , http://nyc-search.net/ , http://searchthepoconos.com/ , http://citybaseball.com/, http://ez-ebooks.biz/.

We hope to add the credit for displaying the banner code to be complete shortly.For anyone interested, I will be more than happy to add 2,500 credits to all accounts that sign up between now and Jusy 15th, 2005. To take part in this just sign up for a banner account at http://siriusstar.com/banner then email me with this code: 4julyspec.

Have a Great Holiday,

Friday, June 10, 2005

Welcome Magical Moments Studio 3 to Our Network

We would like to welcome our newest member to our network of users on our http://nyc-search.net/ pay-per-click network, Magical Moments Studio 3 - East Coast Productions. The owner and Executive Producer, Joey G, has been instrumental in our launch & operation of our Pay-Per-Click network. His webhosting service http://creativeimpressionsgroup.net/ has been hosting our general PPC http://siriusstar.com/ for over three years.

On top of hosting one of our sites, he also shot and edited my wedding and other special occasions. Since then he has been a great mentor and has taught me how to bring my hobby of photography and videography into a more professional style.

To check out Joey G and what he has to offer please check him out. He has a website that may be reached at http://studio3joeyg.com/. You can also reach him at his office at 718-845-9394.

Please remember to let him know how you found him.

Have a Great Day,

Friday, June 03, 2005

SiriusStar Network Introduction

Good Day All,

I wanted to begin this BLOG to help users of my PPC services use them more efficently. As many of my users know, I run a few different PPC search engines.In the beginning I started a flagship for my PPC search engines with http://nyc-search.net . This site was dedicated to searches in the NYC area. My NYC-Search PPC soon grew to more generic listings and grew in popularity.

With the popularity of the NYC-Search ppc I decided to re-design our corp. web page of http://siriusstar.com to a PPC search engine as well. The SiriusStar PPC is a generic PPC search engine. There is no specific location results.

I am currently working on a third PPC. I am in the final development stage and plan to release into the www some time this week. It will be listed as http://searchthepoconos.com . I have begun this site since my relocation into the beautiful mountains of Pocono, PA. This site will be dedicate to searching information in the Poconos of PA. Our marketing of local merchants will begin next month.

Being the designer & web host of these three PPC's, I have been able to link all three searches together. For an example, if your account is on the http://nyc-search.net PPC and you have a listing for childrens clothing, if a user was to request a childrens clothing search on http://siriusstar.com your listing will be listed with those listed on the searched site.

As this is my first posting I would like to open this BLOG to you. Feel free to read and post. Check back often, I plan to post info every Friday.

Have a Great Weekend,