Tuesday, March 07, 2006

In Need of Beta Testers for BuyHits4YourSite Network


We have put the new and improved Buy Hits 4 Your Site Network on-line. We are looking for some beta testers to help us work out any bugs. With beta testing comes some work, but what we are offering is well worth your time.

Currently we are looking to test the counter site. It may be found at http://counter.buyhits4yoursite.com.

For your trouble we will set up 2 Life Time Accounts and 2 Free Accounts on the system. The difference between free and life time accounts is Life Time Accounts do not show Link or Banner Ads under the counter. We will also give you 2 Banner Links and 2 Text Links for the Beta Time.

We are looking for Beta Testers to use the four accounts actively for a month. After the month Beta Test we will convert all accounts to Life Time Accounts and keep the banner & text links active, indefinitely.

If you are interested drop us an e-Mail at president@buyhits4yoursite.com. Make sure you let us know you have heard about this offer here.

Have a Great Day,