Thursday, December 18, 2014

Our Ambit Current Electric Supply Rates in PP&L Territories

Our Affordable Electricity with Ambit Energy.

Make the Switch and Save!

Special announcement: If you switch to our energy supply today you will be able to save up to 7.8% off of what PP&L Electric Supply is currently charging their customers.

  Our Ambit Energy Rates for PP&L Territories  

 With our Keystone Select 3-Month term plan, you will be sure to collect on getting the best price for you electricity supply. And the savings do not have to stop there. We have a great referral program that can help cut you energy supply to just pennies and possibly FREE.

 The thing is, don't delay. Click the Ambit Savings box above to switch and start saving today.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

SiriusStarEC Mastermind - Top 15 Ways to Build Your Subscriber List

Email marketing can be profitable for any business, no matter what kind of product or service you offer. It is significantly cheaper than other advertising methods and, if done right, helps build loyalty and trust with customers. As a result, you generate more sales and more profits!

The foundation for successful email marketing is a targeted, permission-based email list. Marketers call contact lists their 'goldmine' because it can generate much of their sales revenue. If you've built up a list of opt-in subscribers that are qualified and interested in what you have to offer, then you've completed the first step and are on your way. Now it's time to 'mine' for gold!
Below you'll find several list-building and retention ideas that will help you get the best results from all your email marketing activities:
  1. Provide useful, relevant content. Your visitors will not give you their email addresses just because they can subscribe to your newsletter free of charge. You have to provide unique and valuable information that will be of interest or use to them.
  2. Add a subscription form to every page on your website. Make sure it stands out so it is easy to find. If it doesn't look cluttered, you may want to include more than one on some pages. For instance, if your opt-in form always appears in the top-left corner of your site, you may want to add one at the end of your most popular articles.
  3. Add subscription forms to your social media pages. Make sure that you don't waste this valuable source of revenue opportunities. Integrate your sign-up forms with Facebook and more!
  4. Make it easy for readers to sign up. The more information you request, the fewer people will opt-in. In most cases, a name and an email address should suffice. If it's not necessary, don't include it here. You can always survey them once they're customers! We do recommend that you provide a link to your Privacy Policy however.
  5. Publish a Privacy Policy. Let your readers know that they can be confident you will not share their information with others. The easiest way to do this is to set up a Privacy Policy web page and provide the link to it below your opt-in form. (Note: If you don't have one, put the words 'privacy policy generator' into a search engine and you should be able to find a suitable form to use.)
  6. Provide samples of your newsletters and Ezines. This lets potential subscribers review your materials before they sign up to determine if it's something they'd be interested in.
  7. Archive past newsletters and articles. An online library of past newsletters and articles is both appealing and useful to visitors and builds your credibility as an authority. In addition, if your articles are written with good SEO techniques in mind, they can increase traffic to your website through enhanced search engine positioning.
  8. Give gifts subscribers can actually use. Offer an opt-in bonus for joining your subscriber list! Write an ebook or provide a PDF business report, or even hire a programmer to create downloadable or web-based software. But don't limit yourself to offering gifts to opt-ins. Give them out when your readers fill out a survey, provide a testimonial, success story, or a great product idea. Let them know when they can expect the next gift offer. Everyone likes to get something for free! And if you pass out 'goodies' throughout the year, your subscribers will feel truly appreciated − and that's good for business!
  9. Ask your subscribers to pass it on. Word of mouth is a powerful viral technique that works great with email marketing. If your subscribers find your content interesting, amusing or informative, they'll probably share it with their friends. This can be a great source of new customers, so make sure to remind them to 'pass it on'.
  10. Let others reprint your newsletter as long as the content is not modified. If you're happy to share your content with the universe, then why not! Many webmasters and newsletter publishers are actively looking for high-quality content and, if they reprint your newsletter, you'll get new subscribers, and more traffic and links pointing to your site.
  11. Include a 'Sign Up' button in your newsletter. If you're using plain text instead of HTML, be sure to provide a text link to your subscription page. You may feel that this is not required because the subscriber is already on your list, but remember that readers will forward your newsletters to others, or reprint them online. Make it easy for them to subscribe!
  12. Add a squeeze page. A squeeze page has one goal − to acquire opt-ins and build your list. Think of it as a mini-sales letter to go along with your subscription or opt-in gift. It should feature a strong headline and a couple of powerful benefits that should make subscribers salivate to sign up! Once created, use a service such as WordTracker to find hundreds of targeted keywords, and promote your offer using pay-per-click advertising from Google, MSN and Yahoo. Now that should make a splash!
  13. Include testimonials on your squeeze page. This is crucial. Put one or two strong testimonials from satisfied customers on your squeeze page. This can be in any format, but you may find that multimedia (audio or video) is more 'believable' and inspires more people to action. To further enhance believability, get permission to use actual customer names, locations and/or urls (Don't use 'Bob K, FL'). Add a note inviting others to participate. After all, it's free publicity!
  14. Blog religiously. Blogging is a great way to communicate with prospects and potential customers, and creates a nice synergy with your email marketing. Be sure to include your newsletter sign-up form on each page of your blog. You can start a free blog at Blogger or WordPress.
  15. Post on other blogs. Post thoughtful comments and information on similar blogs with a link to your squeeze or opt-in pages. Also comment on others' blogs through trackbacks. In most cases, your comments will be posted on their blogs with a link back to your site. This is an easy way to generate new traffic and subscribers, and get your brand out there!
I hope you have found value in this post. If you have, please comment below and share with your team.
If you have any ideas for future bolg posts, please, share them as a comment below.
Have a Wonderful Day,
Paul Truman 
PS. Email Marketing will grow your business faster than any other marketing medium! I use and recommend GetResponse:

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

#Video Share - Network Marketing Success Tips #8 - Maximum Facebook Page Like Country Targeting Strategies

Do you have a FaceBook Fan Page? How many people are getting exposed to your content? Well, if you are having a hard time getting started this is a great video to help kick start your exposure.

We have utilized the information that Jerry Banfield shared in this video for our fan page TheGreatBigBookOfEverythingPaulTrumanJr. Using Jerry's Country Targeting Strategy we have targeted network marketers in areas of the world we would have never thought of. We have been running a campaign once a month for about $10 and gain new likes for about $.09 each. With the success of our monthly campaigns, we plan to start running a $1 a day campaign to bring a more steady influx of new visitors.

Do you have your own Fan Page Like Campaign that has delivered great results? Please share with us.

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

#Video Share - Network Marketing Success Tips #7 - Closing Your Prospects in Network Marketing

Good Morning and Happy Sunday! Welcome to today's Network Marketing Success Tip.

Last night I ran across a great video published by Eric Worre. His video is so true. I found myself not asking questions when I had a prospect ready to join my business after a business presentation. I actually had two problems. Identifying a prospect that was interested and needed a leader to light their fire. The other was talking too much and not asking questions and listen to my prospect.

In this video, Eric reviews a few questions that definitely help spark participation of your prospect and let you understand what will help both you and your prospect succeed.


Which question do you think gives your prospect the most spark? Do you have a question that works well for you? Let us know with your comments.

Do You Like Sharing Viral Videos?.....
Would you like to get paid for it?
I get paid when I am watching tv with my kids, playing video games or traveling all thanks to a little know viral blogging system that allows me work an hour or so a day, power of part time, from home. If you are interested in building an additional source of income, part time and in the comfort of your own home, click the button below.

Monday, April 07, 2014

#Video Share - Network Marketing Success Tips #6 - AIO Webmaster

Good Morning and Happy Monday. Welcome to today's Network Marketing Success tip.

Today we are sharing a video that will help you maximize your blog to work with Google Authorship. Katrina van Oudheusden published this great video on how to utilize All in One Webmaster (AIO Webmaster). 

Do You Like Sharing Viral Videos?.....
Would you like to get paid for it?
I get paid when I am watching tv with my kids, playing video games or traveling all thanks to a little know viral blogging system that allows me work an hour or so a day, power of part time, from home. If you are interested in building an additional source of income, part time and in the comfort of your own home, click the button below.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Simple Truths for Building a Successful Ambit Energy Consultant Career

Ambit Energy Intro.

Since 2006, Ambit Energy has become one of the fastest-growing companies in American history. It took just seven years to reach $1 billion in annual revenue. They are now the 14th largest direct sales company in the entire world. The company now has roughly 1.2 million customers. Ambit’s field of more than 200,000 independent consultants have taken advantage of the opportunity to create a stream of income by helping people save money on their energy bills. Some consultants reach their goals and earn enough income to reach their Financial Freedom number. Some consultants don’t.
What did these consultants do wrong? What does it take to be a build a successful Ambit Energy consultant career? Of course, there are a lot of factors, but I like to sum them up with the following, Entrepreneur Spirit, Duplicatable , Goal Setting, Drive and A Will Do Attitude.
1. Entrepreneur Spirit - This is Your Business and You Are the CEO of Your Future.
The simple fact is the vast majority of us are trained to be employees. And that’s what we are used to–having the work come to us and having a boss tell us what to do and when to do it. We are used to working for a paycheck trading hours for dollars. But building an Ambit consultant career is not a job. This is an Entrepreneurship. You do not trade time for money, rather you invest your time for revenue and profit.
Building a stream of income takes consistent effort over time. If you have 2 hours per day or 20 minutes per day, the key is consistency, doing something every day to build your business. This could consist of watch a training video. Or make a phones call to inviting someone to look at the business opportunity video. You can check up on your partners of your organization. Just make it a habit.
We all have a great opportunity to earn good money in bonuses as our business grows. But remember we only earn our bonuses when new consultants are added to your team and they gather their first few customers. This is only the start. We have a great opportunity to build real earnings the long-term residual income generated by the customers in your network as they pay their electricity and gas bills every month. The entrepreneur mindset needs to be constantly developed. There are many tools out there to teach you how to be a cook, but a cook is not a chef. The same hold true for the Entrepreneur.
3. Duplicatable - Plug Into the System
This is what makes our business great. Being successful in a business it is not enough to have an Entrepreneurial Spirit. Yes, you can get creative and build your own system but ask yourself this. Will the partners I introduce into this business have the same spirit and knowledge to repeat the process further in your organization. I learned you can not come up with a more effective, simple and successful system to plug into to build your business. Ambit pays its consultants to do two things–gather a handful of customers and help other people do the same thing. Many people try to “reinvent the wheel” and build the business their own way. They ultimately fail. The key to the system is duplication. The system that Ambit uses requires no special skills. You do not need an MBA in marketing or accounting. But it does require time and effort. We do not sell a product. Ambit focuses its resources on people and systems. There are tools, trainings, and local meetings and business presentations in place for all of us to succeed. National Consultant and top income earner Brian McClure compares the Ambit system to the fundamentals of football–blocking and tackling. Even professionals practice fundamentals. Master the fundamentals of the Ambit system and you will set yourself up for massive success.
Your upline is your Ambit experience encyclopedia. Your upline team of consultant leaders know how important it is to plug into system. Utilize their experience and success to build your business upon. Be Coachable. They have been where you are today. Your consultant leaders are there to help you. Develop a relationship with them. Tell them your goals. Ask questions. Keep an open, regular communication with them. What I have found helps is developing relationships with other consultant leaders. This gives you a great insight in how other leaders grow their business. Sometimes being in a closed group, everyone has been doing a task the same way only because no one has thought or seen different. There are many ways to achieve the same goal. You just need to find the system that works the best for your personality. Once you have plugged into the system and have tweaked it to your personality, make sure you plug your team of consultants into it as well.
3. Know Your Goals- Measurable and Obtainable, ultimately your WHY?
In order to reach your goals, you have to have some first. Your goals should be specific and measurable, both short-term and long-term. Many times our goals are structured around money. How much money do you want to be making in six months? In 12 months? In two to five years? But, do not forget about others. Like, spending more time with Family and Friends. Your Ambit upline consultant leaders can help you develop your goals. It’s important that you write your goals down and keep them where you can see them. We work our Goals on a Vision Board and it is all over our online presence and physically where we can see them every day. Our Board shows Our Daughters which represent our Goal for more family time, Our Dream House which represents our Financial Goal. We have numbers tied to each. Family Time = 3 Weeks of NO WORK Vacations. And the House = $500k in the Bank. Now for measurement I have been able to shut down and do NO Work on a 1 Week vacation and are 2/3rds to this goal. And we have been able to put aside about $38k in the bank with $400+ to go to achieve this one.
Again, if you don’t have a target to aim at, then you’re never going to hit it. Don’t expect to build a successful Ambit career if you are working your business inconsistently and without any real, measurable goals. Your goals will be reached when you make them specific and work toward them every day. There will be times that discouragement or disappointment will set in and that is where our next factor comes into play.
4. You Just Can’t Quit - You Need the Will Do Attitude.
Any entrepreneur who pulls the plug on his or her business within just a few months might as well not have ever started the business in the first place. Businesses take time to build. Give your Ambit business at least one year of consistent effort. Evaluate your goals and achievements after one year. Of course, you should also evaluate smaller goals as you go along.
Some consultants grow their businesses faster than others, and that almost always comes down to individual goals and the amount of consistent effort. Your business also grows at different speeds at different times. Don’t get discouraged when you see others having success faster than you, because that will happen. Just continue to work your business consistently. Ambit National Consultant Steve Thompson has a yacht named “Never Quit.” Of the four factors we covered here, this one is the most important. The number one reason people fail at building an Ambit career is because they quit. They just give up and walk away. Remember, you’re building a stream of income, and that takes a lot more effort up front. Think of Ambit as an asset you acquire that, over time, will continue to put money you have generated into your bank account. How big do you want your business to be? That’s totally up to you.
In the beginning of our Ambit business we were Bright Eyed and in awe of how awesome this business is. Today, over 18 months later we still have the same thoughts. Now, I have to say it has not been all rainbows and unicorns. There were times of discouragement and thoughts of quitting. But with the help and encouragement from the many partners we have made a great residual income and most important family time.
If you would like to change your financial situation or just save a few dollars on your energy bill, please click any of the "Never Sacrifice Integrity for Growth" link below.
We will welcome you, like we were, with open arms and help you on your way.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Product Review - Body and Soul Remote 2

Insignia Lyla 2 by LELO - Buy a egg at EdenFantasys

This Fun and Sexy Remote Vibrating Egg is a great addition to your toy chest. 

This toy is great for public play either by yourself or even better, with a partner. A quick tease here and there when you lease expect it from your partner will have you both ready. This toy has an awesome egg and bullet that can be used for clitoral and vaginal stimulation at the same time. With strong and quiet vibrations this toy is bound to please.    

Insignia Lyla 2 by LELO - Buy a egg at EdenFantasys

#Video Share - Network Marketing Success Tips #5 - Traffic Exchanges

.. NEW & FREE ..


Power Traffic Exchange Banner 250X250

Thursday, March 27, 2014

#Video Share - Network Marketing Success Tip #4

Good Morning and Happy Thursday. Welcome to today's Network Marketing Success tip.

Today's Network Marketing Success Tip comes from another great mentor of ours. Our SiriusStar Power Mastermind team find value from Michelle Pescosolido in all of her teachings.

Michelle is my goto person when it comes to anything on Facebook. In this video she give us a few great nuggets of information on how to maximize your Facebook marketing plans.
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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Traffic Magic: How To Get 100,000 Visitors Starting From Scratch


Did you see the first video Vick put up couple of days ago?

It went VIRAL.

In the first 2 hours it got over 2,000 comments!

So much excitement that he had to switch over to a new
commenting system. (you broke the other one! lol)

Can't complain though :-)

I'm glad people are getting a lot of value from it.

Today I got something really awesome for ya...

Vick just uploaded a brand new video on a blog and
it's called...

"The Traffic Magic: How To Get 100,000
Visitors Starting From Scratch".

It's the second video in the series and you can watch
it here:
The stuff you will learn in this video alone, can probably
sell for $1000 and would be worth every penny...

but of course, you're getting it for nothing :-)

Here's what you're going to learn in Video 2:
  • How Vick literally started a brand new campaign from
    scratch and got 100,000 visitors to it - walking you through
    everything step-by-step.
  • He shows you how to "engineer" a super high converting
    landing page so you can model it.
  • He actually gives you a template to follow. It's pretty cool!
  • He reveals to you his personal most favorite traffic getting
    method of 2014 (it's new and nobody talks about it.)
  • He shows to you the "Traffic Amplifier Method" (this alone
    can easily triple your conversions and income)
  • And much more!
You're going to absolutely love this. 

It's 100% pure training content.  

Here's the link to watch it:

Talk soon, 


Sunday, March 23, 2014

#Video Share - Network Marketing Success Tips 3

Happy Sunday. Welcome to today's Network Marketing Success Tip. 

Today's Network Marketing Success Tip comes from another great mentor of ours. Our SiriusStar Power Mastermind team find value from Ray Higdon in all of his teachings.

This video is great and gives great direction on how to be a great coach. He shares his questions that he asks new clients during the initial stages of his paid coaching.

Feel free to share and leave us a comment on this.

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I get paid when I am watching tv with my kids, playing video games or traveling all thanks to a little know viral blogging system that allows me work an hour or so a day, power of part time, from home. If you are interested in building an additional source of income, part time and in the comfort of your own home, click the button below.

Friday, March 21, 2014

#Video Share - Network Marketing Success Tips 2

We hope your First Day of Spring was Awesome. We had a crazy first day. Overcast and snow fluries. I guess Mother Nature did not get the memo of the Spring Equinox.

I am very pleased to share the video below from one of my great mentors, Tanya Aliza. Our SiriusStar Power Mastermind team all found this very useful. The biggest nugget we found from this video was her info on your About Page.

Feel free to leave us a comment and share this.

Do You Like Sharing Viral Videos?.....

Would you like to get paid for it?

I get paid when I am watching tv with my kids, playing video games or traveling all thanks to a little know viral blogging system that allows me work an hour or so a day, power of part time, from home. If you are interested in building an additional source of income, part time and in the comfort of your own home, click the button below.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

#Video Share - Network Marketing Success Tips #1

Happy First Day of Spring.

I wanted to begin to share some of the videos that are making a big impact on our SiriusStar Power Mastermind Team. Yeah, you read correctly. I put "Mastermind" in our teams' title. I do this because I believe we have an awesome team and are showing our dedication to helping others success is building our teams success.
Now while adding Mastermind to our teams title will not mean we will be asking for any membership or other related costs. What it will mean is we will be sharing our ways we have found to earn profits in our business.
The below video was created by Brian Couch. I have learned many things from his videos and have profited from some of the nuggets he gives away here.
Feel free to share your thoughts as comments below. And have a wonderful day.

Do You Like Sharing Viral Videos?.....

Would you like to get paid for it?

I get paid when I am watching tv with my kids, playing video games or traveling all thanks to a little know viral blogging system that allows me work an hour or so a day, power of part time, from home. If you are interested in building an additional source of income, part time and in the comfort of your own home, click the button below.
 Let Me In NOW!

Saturday, March 08, 2014

Ambit Energy New Markets with Guaranteed Savings Plans

Guaranteed Savings Plans now at Ambit.

We’re excited to expand our Guaranteed Savings Plan!

This remarkable plan guarantees your Customers either two or three percent savings over the incumbent’s rate. Now your Customers— and prospective Customers and Consultants—can rest assured they’re always getting a great rate! That makes the Guaranteed Savings Plan a great sales tool and a wonderful way to grow your business. Best of all, it comes with the superior service and support your Customers have come to expect from Ambit Energy.
The Guaranteed Savings Plan will be available for new enrollments starting immediately.

3% Markets

District of Columbia 

  • Washington Gas delivers natural gas to residential, commercial and industrial Customers throughout Washington, D.C.
  • Pepco provides electricity to businesses and homes throughout Washington, D.C.


  • Delmarva Power provides electricity to counties from Dover to Wilmington throughout Delaware.

Illinois - ComEd 

  • ComEd provides electricity to most of the northern region of the state


  • BGE provides electricity and gas to a 2,300-square-mile area that includes Baltimore and central Maryland
  • Pepco provides electricity throughout Montgomery and Prince George’s counties
  • Delmarva Power supplies electricity to homes and businesses along the eastern shore of Maryland.
  • Potomac Edison is a First Energy company and provides electric service to the Western region of Maryland.
  • Washington Gas provides natural gas services to homes and businesses in Maryland.

New Jersey  

  • PSEG provides electricity and gas to the six largest cities in New Jersey
  • Jersey Central Power and Light (JCP&L) is the main provider of electricity in northwestern and eastern New Jersey
  • Atlantic City Electric is the supplier of electricity for southern New Jersey
  • Rockland Electric provides electricity to northeastern New Jersey along the New York border
  • South Jersey Gas provides gas to seven counties in southern New Jersey
  • New Jersey Natural Gas provides gas to mid-coast New Jersey


  • Metropolitan Edison – better known these days as Met-Ed – provides electric service to those in the southern and south eastern areas of Pennsylvania
  • Penelec (Pennsylvania Electric Company) provides electric service for northern and central Pennsylvania, which includes portions of Montgomery, Chester, Bucks and Delaware Counties
  • Penn Power energizes Customers along the west central Pennsylvania/Ohio border in parts of Crawford, Mercer, Lawrence, Beaver and Butler Counties
  • West Penn Power provides electricity to counties across the southwestern, north central and southern border of Pennsylvania
  • PECO, the largest utility and electric company in Pennsylvania, provides electricity and gas to the southeastern part of the state
  • PPL, formerly Pennsylvania Power and Light, delivers electricity to 29 counties in central and eastern Pennsylvania
  • Duquesne Light provides electricity for southwestern Pennsylvania
  • Columbia Gas provides gas to Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania
  • National Fuel delivers gas to Northwestern Pennsylvania, including the cities of Erie and Sharon
  • Peoples Natural Gas supplies gas to Southwestern Pennsylvania

2% Markets

New York 

  • Con Edison supplies electricity and gas to areas of New York City and Westchester County
  • The National Grid provides electricity and gas to areas of upstate New York
  • Keyspan Gas provides gas to areas of Long Island, Metro and Upstate
  • NYSEG provides electricity and gas to parts of upstate and most of southern New York
  • RGE provides electricity and gas to portions of upstate New York
  • Orange & Rockland brings electricity and gas to the northwestern suburbs of New York City
  • Central Hudson Gas & Electric supplies electricity and gas to the Mid-Hudson River Valley area
  • National Fuel Gas provides gas for western New York
These great rates are all available in addition to being able to Earn Free Energy and Travel.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

My friends, Facebook recruiting secret


My good friend has LOTS of social media recruiting secrets…

And now she’s coming clean in the best way possible…

She’s sharing how she used social media to explode her own personal networking income to $10K/month.

Click this link to see for yourself…

If you already spend some time each week on social media, but you’re too busy for hours and hours of in-person prospecting…

My friend Jessica has the fix! (and a special invite for you!)

Watch Jessica reveal her social media recruiting secrets

Jessica started out online with what she calls a “teeny weenie” warm market and zero advertising budget. She built a simple and effective system using social media and it worked like gangbusters.

For the last year, people have bugged her to spill the beans, but she never would…until now!

If you like the idea of prospecting and recruiting online using simple but effective methods and the power of social media, then I strongly encourage you to check this out quickly!

P.S. The time-saving recruiting secrets in these videos could be a game changer for your business. I challenge you to find another recruiting method that’s even half this fun or flexible around your schedule.

Find out Jessica’s secret now

Saturday, February 22, 2014

[NEW VIDEO] It is VISION that moves the people.

...standing in a room of 15,000 people,
in Portland, Oregon in 2004 ... I heard 
a question that I'll never forget.
10 years later, January of 2014, I find
myself repeating the same question
to 4,000 attendees in Miami, Florida.
Sometimes people ask me why I do 
what I do.
This video explains WHY:
In 2009, I found myself in a unique
place in the world...
Time and money ceased to be obstacles
to my decision making process.
I found myself making decisions, not based
on what my parents, or society wanted - but
based on what really...
...was inside my heart from the time I was born.
I started making decisions based on PURPOSE.
I started making decisions based on VISION.
I started making decision based on IMPACT.
I started making decisions based on a FUTURE
that didn't exist yet - I only SAW it in my MIND.
And the words of Brad Duncan echoed in my mind:
"Is you're dream BIG ENOUGH to fit the dreams of your team?
About 4 1/2 years later, my first son, Gabriel is born:
Holding a little man in my arms, as he struggled to
open his eyes I gazed to the beauty of creation.
Holding little hands and feet that when I looked,
I beheld my own, I had a change inside my heart.
No longer can I make decisions based only on
the dreams of this generation.
Because the future isn't just about you.
It's not about me.
It's about our children.
And our children's children.
It's time to clean up the marketplace.
It's time to tell the truth to the world.
It's time to make a course correction, and get away
from 'instant riches' and 'easy money' - because
the truth is - 
- if you want to be a millionaire in my team,
you ARE going to WORK your ass off.
So if you're not willing to work hard,
or you're looking for a 'promise of riches'
Because I love you too much to set you up
for disappointment.
This is for REAL people who want REAL RESULTS
online, who are willing to get their hands DIRTY working
for their vision.
And if THAT is YOU.
Then you have found a home.
I can dream big enough for both of us, and am
willing to run with you this year - if you'll let me.
Are you willing to do what it takes?
Are you willing to step up your game?
Are you willing to invest in your future?
Are you willing to BECOME a better human being?
Because THAT is what this is about.
Transforming the destiny of nations.
Is your dream big enough?
I'm looking to RUN with some NEW 'hot blooded'
fighters in 2014.  No wussies allowed.
By a 'wussy' I mean someone who is looking
for 'instant riches'
By a 'wussy' I mean someone who isn't willing
to WORK hard.
By a 'wussy' I mean someone who isn't willing
to develop themselves to get the results that they
Are you willing to step up your game?
And welcome home.
-David Wood
"Proud to be a dad"

P.S.  You are not allowed to watch this presentation
if you think that I am going to guarantee that you'll
make money.
Because it's YOU that is going to have to do the work.
I will provide the FORMULA.
I will provide the SYSTEM.
I will provide the TRAINING.
I will lead by EXAMPLE.
BUT YOU are the one who is in charge of your destiny.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Lending Club - A smarter way to invest and borrow. + $25 Bonus for Signing Up!

We are invited you to join Lending Club

We are earning a solid return at Lending Club and would like to invite you to learn more about the service:
"I'm earning solid returns at Lending Club. I thought you might be interested as well. Check them out and let me know what you think!"
Since we have invited you to join Lending Club, you'll get a $25 bonus on an initial investment of $2,500 or more.

Happy investing,
SiriusStar Network and The Lending Club Team

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Shop Early for Valentine's day with Rollbacks at!

Did you know it is just about 25 days to Valentine's Day?

Why not pick out some nice jewelry for that special someone in your life.

Walmart has some great pieces at reasonable prices.

So, stay on budget and get them something super special.

Shop Early for Valentine's day with Rollbacks at!