Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Lending Club - A smarter way to invest and borrow. + $25 Bonus for Signing Up!

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Since we have invited you to join Lending Club, you'll get a $25 bonus on an initial investment of $2,500 or more.

Happy investing,
SiriusStar Network and The Lending Club Team

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Special limited time offer from VUDU.

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Get Paid in 28 Hours - Not 28 Days as an new MC in Ambit Energy

We DO NOT make a Dime unless our Consultants Get Paid!

 We are not a business of Potions, Lotions and Pills. Our consultants are not forced to purchased these items at a premium to make huge initial commissions. We are a business that actually helps our family and friends save money on something everyone already has to use every day, Energy.

 When I was brought on as a new Marketing Consultant, I was shown this process and totally blown away by the results. With this thought process I was shown to first sign up my customers that get all of my eligible Jump Start Bonuses. When I received my first two Jump Start Bonus Checks, as fast as I did, the fire in me to succeed with this business grew. With this process we received checks equal to just about $50 short of our initial investment before my credit card bill was due. You need to take time out of your busy schedule to watch this video.


Monday, January 13, 2014

Our Ambit Energy Simulcast 2014 Business Recap

Our Ambit Energy Simulcast 2014 Business Bonuses

Get Connected with DOUBLE bonuses!

Earn Double Bonuses when all triggered Customers are in Non-Texas Markets!

Receive a 100% Match on Jump Start 1, Team Builder Bonus and CLB for any new MC who:

  a- joins your organization between 
January 11 - February 14, 2014; 

    b- enrolls at least seven Customer points in 28 days. 
Two points can be from his/her website.

Customers who trigger these commissions must all be California, Connecticut, Delaware, District of 
Columbia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, New York,
Pennsylvania or Rhode Island Customers.

Double Bonuses
Jump Start 1 $200 SC Coding $160
Team Builder $200 EC Coding $160
RC Coding $110 NC Coding $50

     Now here is what this means to you as a NEW Marketing Consultant in a NON-TEXAS market. When you speak with us today and we sign you up as a New Marketing Consultant at you will be on your way to starting your home based business. You will choose an operating name, like ours is SIRIUSSTAREC and receive your own Marketing Consultant website and PowerZone (our back office). We will use your website to become your own first customer. Now you are at Three Customer points. Now with signing up yourself as practice, gather up four more customers to sign up as an energy customer. Remember, for this bonus process each house of service will count as 1 customer point, even though they may be a natural gas and electric customer of yours. This is cool and where you start to get paid. After you sign up your fifth customer, in 28 days, Ambit Energy is going to mail you a check for $200. This is your Jump Start 1 Bonus, that normally is only $100. This is not the last in your available bonuses. By signing up 5 more customers homes in your first 56 days, you will receive your Jump Start Bonus 2 for $100. 

     Your next bonus is received for the next 5 customers signed up in your first 56 days. That is Jump Start Bonus 3 and will be for $50. At this point you have just completed two things. You have already received about 80% of your initial investment and You Are Earning ENERGY CREDITS towards your own electric/gas bill.

     There are three more Jump Start Bonuses that you can earn by signing up 15 more customers in the first 84 days. For each 5 new customers homes you will receive a Jump Start Bonus #4, #5 & #6 each bonus is $50. At this point you have earned your total initial investment back and are earning FREE ENERGY CREDITS to your own energy bill.

     Now look at another way of earning from this awesome bonus program.

     Our business is based on the power of multiplication. Just how I am showing this to you, you can go on and show this to others. I think of this business, not really an energy business but a people business.

     When you do as I did with you, by showing this awesome business, do not stress I am here to help with this too, you can then earn the Team Building Bonus. As soon as your referring Marketing Consultant completes their registration and signs up 5 to receive their Jump Start Bonus #1, you will receive the Team Builder Bonus of $200. Complete this process with two and help them duplicate or bring in six to work, either way for a total of six Marketing Consultants in your own organization and you will have promoted yourself to a Regional Consultant. Then here, my friend is where you start to see the Power of this business.

     With this awesome Limited Time Bonus, there has never been a better time to start your own Home Based Business. Take the first step and watch some of the awesome videos that we have on our web site. Then ask us for more information or just Start Your Business Now.

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Direct Sales = Network Marketing. Here are some hard truths.

Are you one of the millions of people on social media are struggling to make their business work?

I've tried a few Direct Sales businesses before I found the one that I felt truly and honestly would be proud to be a part of. My experiences with Amway, Melaleuca and Excel Communications helped me along in my decision to Choose to be a part of Ambit Energy. Today I wanted to share with you all what helped me make my decision:

I have a Fan Page on Facebook to help fellow Network Marketing Professionals and from time to time, actually almost daily, I receive a message from people I never met or spoke to trying to push their business. (if you do one or more of these things then you definitely need to read this blog):

1. “Hi Ya Paul, this trend setting weight loss berry that is from the jungle and has the BEST pay plan ever!!!”

2. “This one’s different…. you should check it out”

3. “The pay plan is killer, if you sign up someone for $30 you make $200!!” RED FLAG

4. (This is my favorite) — “If you sign up for FREE you’ll have thousands of people placed under you and it’s FREE!!!”

Now what I do as a Network Marketing Professional:

Network Marketing Professionals look for a few key things. We sit back and ask some key questions that allows us to develop successful businesses.

- Is it the right time?

- Has it been done before?

- Is there a demand?

- What competitive advantage do I have?

- Who are my competitors?

Now here is my approach to those pitches.

I’ve talked to so many people that are in the latest greatest health and wellness or technology mlm… All of those products are excellent. I have had a TON of juices and pills and lotions in my pantry that I absolutely LOVE! BUT… what about the Network Marketing Professional mindset?

Has health and wellness been done before? Of course! Is it the right time? Well, with New Years Resolutions still fresh in many peoples mind, this is probably the most profitable time of the year for this business. However, I would have to say NO for the right time, unless you can find your annual profit before the New Years Resolutions are forgotten. Once resolutions are forgotten and the reality of spending a premium for the product in today's economies high end items like juice and pills are the first to go.

Is there competition? There are about 4,000 other Health and Wellness companies. Just go and Google Health and Wellness companies. Pages and pages of results. Each one of these represents someone trying to sell their product to your customers.

Is there a competitive advantage? Maybe, but it has to be BIG to distinguish yourself from all of the rest. This is why some MLM’s in this category are extremely hard right now for people to build. All network marketing companies can be built if you work hard, but sometimes it’s better to work smart, not hard.

Now lets talk about those unbelievable compensation plans.

When a company is paying out more than it takes in may seem possible when told with enthusiasm and hype. But peel back the hype and look for reality. No company will continue to pay out more than it takes in. In many cases this is considered a Pyramid or Ponzi Scheme and are highly illegal. Businesses like this bring the dark cloud over our profession. A Network Marketing Professional is looking for cash flow. As a Network Marketing Professional, we build a long term relationship with our team. Our team is our best asset.

Here is my favorite pitch. People jump at the word "FREE". Well wake up. Nothing out there will build you a residual income for "FREE". Every business has a startup fee, whether it’s franchising, small business or network marketing!

I have been a part of one of these so called "FREE" business opportunities. Not only was it Free but they had started to build a downline for me. I was then receiving emails every day telling me that I just lost a few hundred dollars because someone in my downline just became a paid member. At one point I called them out on this tactic. I would go into their back office and capture my list to compare from day to day. Because I was not a Paid member all I would see is user names with half of the name x'd out. Well after comparing day 1 to day 2 after receiving a "You have lost money" email, there were no lost userids. I then hit the Good Bye button on them forever.


First of all the MLM will never make you rich. You need to have the mindset of a Network Marketing Professional. You have heard me drop that title throughout this article. Those that do not have the mindset of a Network Marketing Professional usually have the attitude that they will "Try" this MLM or that MLM. While a Network Marketing Professional think like entrepreneurs. We treat our MLM like it should be, a Business. A business takes time to build. In Direct Sales nothing is more important than your reputation. Treat your reputation as a Brand for your business.

I hope you have found my info useful. I would like to close this by asking you a question.

Do you consider yourself a Network Marketing Professional?

Let me know.