Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Announcing the Start of SiriusStar.Com Banner Exchange

Well, it is finally here. After 2 months of testing we are opening up the SiriusStar.Com Banner Exchange. I would like to thank all of the beta testers for their patients and feedback to make this project work.

To access the banner exchange you may click here or copy & past into your favorite browser: http://www.siriusstar.com/banner

SiriusStar.Com Banner Exchange

Currently, we do not have the script active to credit account when the banner exchange is displayed. Credits can be purchased on eBay or other agreements for credits can be made.

Currently the banner exchange is listed on only our partner sites: http://siriusstar.com/ , http://nyc-search.net/ , http://searchthepoconos.com/ , http://citybaseball.com/, http://ez-ebooks.biz/.

We hope to add the credit for displaying the banner code to be complete shortly.For anyone interested, I will be more than happy to add 2,500 credits to all accounts that sign up between now and Jusy 15th, 2005. To take part in this just sign up for a banner account at http://siriusstar.com/banner then email me with this code: 4julyspec.

Have a Great Holiday,
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