Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Energy Saving Tip #3 - Fridge Maintenance

Energy Saving Tip #3  Clean the condenser coils of your Refrigerator.
Energy Saving Tip #3
Dusty condenser coils cause a refrigerator to work harder; which translates into bigger energy bills and a shorter life expectancy for the fridge – not good. The condenser coils in the fridge is an important component because it helps to expel the heat for the Freon to cool properly.
To help the heat to dissipate efficiently, use a vacuum or broom to remove dust build up from the coils every three months (once a month if you have pets).
Depending on the model that you own, the coils will either be located behind the refrigerator or underneath the refrigerator. To access coils located underneath, remove the grill at the bottom front of the fridge. To access coils located behind, pull the unit out from the wall.
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