Monday, March 11, 2013

Branding Yourself on FaceBook

I market my brand on all social medias and utilize search engine optimization. I have found that Facebook has become the corner stone in our online marketing and branding. There is no fast way to build a equitable batch of 1000+ likes on Facebook, as I found out when my first fan page reached 2200 likes. I reached 1900 likes in 2 weeks by spending $30 for likes on a five dollar service site. It was the worst money I ever spent. The likes I received were not targeted and were useless. I also had to burn hours in maintenance removing spam posts, every day. After realizing my mistake, I shut the page down and rebuilt.
I am happy to say today I have a targeted fan base and my maintenance is minimal.
Here is how I did it. First I identified my target market. In my case, I started in the locations of the country that my energy business can provide services too. Next, I identified the "Pain or Issues" that I can provide relief to my prospects. In my case I researched energy provider complaints on Facebook. I found a few groups and joined them.
Now here is the elbow grease. Every day I find three posts from others, complaining about their service and posted a reply. I would make sure I was making my reply as my Fan Page identity and I never asked them to come to my page. All of my posts were directed to the person to help give a solution. On an average, each day I would get 2-3 likes. I performed this task every day on two or three groups. These likes are now active people and help to spread my posts. My average Facebook reach is 8200-11,200. With this consistent reach my page likes have exponentially increased.
The next task is maintenance on the fan page. You need to keep your fans interested to keep spreading your word. I utilize my Twitter link to Facebook and the program "AutoTwitter Pro". I utilize the program to populate energy saving tips and inspirational quotes to my fans two times an hour. I use a mix of 60% inspirational quotes to 20% business posts via the AutoTwitter program. Then the remaining 20% are my personal response posts that I create three times a day. I match them to my posts I submit to the groups. These post are what engage visitors from the groups and have them like, share and post on my fan page.
On average, I spend about two hours a day on building my fan page. With utilizing Facebook as my cornerstone I copy my posts to my blog, linked in and G+ account, thus expanding my branding and reach.
I hope you have found my true life experience helpful in getting likes to your fan page. If you would like to follow me and my process, feel free to visit my new fan page at:
facebook like campaign

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