Thursday, September 05, 2013

According to WABC Long Island Eyewitness News-

Long Island Power Authority ( LIPA ) has raised its rates for the second time in the past two months. The current rate increase will be just over 4%. With this addition LIPA has risen summer electrical bills for their customers by more than 8%. This current rate hike will add about $6 more to an average customer and add the $5.71 rate hike in August for the same average customer and you are talking $144 a year more in costs. 

Now get this. LIPA is blaming the double-hike on higher energy costs during the high demand season. They are also giving the shaft to homes owners installing new solar-energy systems. They are suspending their rebate program. To me it sounds like they are really trying to prevent others from creating and selling energy on their system.

While currently we are unable to service customers in the LIPA area, there sure will be a lot of angry customers we can help when we do. Currently, we can help the same customers in the area for their natural gas supply.

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