Saturday, February 22, 2014

[NEW VIDEO] It is VISION that moves the people.

...standing in a room of 15,000 people,
in Portland, Oregon in 2004 ... I heard 
a question that I'll never forget.
10 years later, January of 2014, I find
myself repeating the same question
to 4,000 attendees in Miami, Florida.
Sometimes people ask me why I do 
what I do.
This video explains WHY:
In 2009, I found myself in a unique
place in the world...
Time and money ceased to be obstacles
to my decision making process.
I found myself making decisions, not based
on what my parents, or society wanted - but
based on what really...
...was inside my heart from the time I was born.
I started making decisions based on PURPOSE.
I started making decisions based on VISION.
I started making decision based on IMPACT.
I started making decisions based on a FUTURE
that didn't exist yet - I only SAW it in my MIND.
And the words of Brad Duncan echoed in my mind:
"Is you're dream BIG ENOUGH to fit the dreams of your team?
About 4 1/2 years later, my first son, Gabriel is born:
Holding a little man in my arms, as he struggled to
open his eyes I gazed to the beauty of creation.
Holding little hands and feet that when I looked,
I beheld my own, I had a change inside my heart.
No longer can I make decisions based only on
the dreams of this generation.
Because the future isn't just about you.
It's not about me.
It's about our children.
And our children's children.
It's time to clean up the marketplace.
It's time to tell the truth to the world.
It's time to make a course correction, and get away
from 'instant riches' and 'easy money' - because
the truth is - 
- if you want to be a millionaire in my team,
you ARE going to WORK your ass off.
So if you're not willing to work hard,
or you're looking for a 'promise of riches'
Because I love you too much to set you up
for disappointment.
This is for REAL people who want REAL RESULTS
online, who are willing to get their hands DIRTY working
for their vision.
And if THAT is YOU.
Then you have found a home.
I can dream big enough for both of us, and am
willing to run with you this year - if you'll let me.
Are you willing to do what it takes?
Are you willing to step up your game?
Are you willing to invest in your future?
Are you willing to BECOME a better human being?
Because THAT is what this is about.
Transforming the destiny of nations.
Is your dream big enough?
I'm looking to RUN with some NEW 'hot blooded'
fighters in 2014.  No wussies allowed.
By a 'wussy' I mean someone who is looking
for 'instant riches'
By a 'wussy' I mean someone who isn't willing
to WORK hard.
By a 'wussy' I mean someone who isn't willing
to develop themselves to get the results that they
Are you willing to step up your game?
And welcome home.
-David Wood
"Proud to be a dad"

P.S.  You are not allowed to watch this presentation
if you think that I am going to guarantee that you'll
make money.
Because it's YOU that is going to have to do the work.
I will provide the FORMULA.
I will provide the SYSTEM.
I will provide the TRAINING.
I will lead by EXAMPLE.
BUT YOU are the one who is in charge of your destiny.
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