Monday, March 31, 2014

Simple Truths for Building a Successful Ambit Energy Consultant Career

Ambit Energy Intro.

Since 2006, Ambit Energy has become one of the fastest-growing companies in American history. It took just seven years to reach $1 billion in annual revenue. They are now the 14th largest direct sales company in the entire world. The company now has roughly 1.2 million customers. Ambit’s field of more than 200,000 independent consultants have taken advantage of the opportunity to create a stream of income by helping people save money on their energy bills. Some consultants reach their goals and earn enough income to reach their Financial Freedom number. Some consultants don’t.
What did these consultants do wrong? What does it take to be a build a successful Ambit Energy consultant career? Of course, there are a lot of factors, but I like to sum them up with the following, Entrepreneur Spirit, Duplicatable , Goal Setting, Drive and A Will Do Attitude.
1. Entrepreneur Spirit - This is Your Business and You Are the CEO of Your Future.
The simple fact is the vast majority of us are trained to be employees. And that’s what we are used to–having the work come to us and having a boss tell us what to do and when to do it. We are used to working for a paycheck trading hours for dollars. But building an Ambit consultant career is not a job. This is an Entrepreneurship. You do not trade time for money, rather you invest your time for revenue and profit.
Building a stream of income takes consistent effort over time. If you have 2 hours per day or 20 minutes per day, the key is consistency, doing something every day to build your business. This could consist of watch a training video. Or make a phones call to inviting someone to look at the business opportunity video. You can check up on your partners of your organization. Just make it a habit.
We all have a great opportunity to earn good money in bonuses as our business grows. But remember we only earn our bonuses when new consultants are added to your team and they gather their first few customers. This is only the start. We have a great opportunity to build real earnings the long-term residual income generated by the customers in your network as they pay their electricity and gas bills every month. The entrepreneur mindset needs to be constantly developed. There are many tools out there to teach you how to be a cook, but a cook is not a chef. The same hold true for the Entrepreneur.
3. Duplicatable - Plug Into the System
This is what makes our business great. Being successful in a business it is not enough to have an Entrepreneurial Spirit. Yes, you can get creative and build your own system but ask yourself this. Will the partners I introduce into this business have the same spirit and knowledge to repeat the process further in your organization. I learned you can not come up with a more effective, simple and successful system to plug into to build your business. Ambit pays its consultants to do two things–gather a handful of customers and help other people do the same thing. Many people try to “reinvent the wheel” and build the business their own way. They ultimately fail. The key to the system is duplication. The system that Ambit uses requires no special skills. You do not need an MBA in marketing or accounting. But it does require time and effort. We do not sell a product. Ambit focuses its resources on people and systems. There are tools, trainings, and local meetings and business presentations in place for all of us to succeed. National Consultant and top income earner Brian McClure compares the Ambit system to the fundamentals of football–blocking and tackling. Even professionals practice fundamentals. Master the fundamentals of the Ambit system and you will set yourself up for massive success.
Your upline is your Ambit experience encyclopedia. Your upline team of consultant leaders know how important it is to plug into system. Utilize their experience and success to build your business upon. Be Coachable. They have been where you are today. Your consultant leaders are there to help you. Develop a relationship with them. Tell them your goals. Ask questions. Keep an open, regular communication with them. What I have found helps is developing relationships with other consultant leaders. This gives you a great insight in how other leaders grow their business. Sometimes being in a closed group, everyone has been doing a task the same way only because no one has thought or seen different. There are many ways to achieve the same goal. You just need to find the system that works the best for your personality. Once you have plugged into the system and have tweaked it to your personality, make sure you plug your team of consultants into it as well.
3. Know Your Goals- Measurable and Obtainable, ultimately your WHY?
In order to reach your goals, you have to have some first. Your goals should be specific and measurable, both short-term and long-term. Many times our goals are structured around money. How much money do you want to be making in six months? In 12 months? In two to five years? But, do not forget about others. Like, spending more time with Family and Friends. Your Ambit upline consultant leaders can help you develop your goals. It’s important that you write your goals down and keep them where you can see them. We work our Goals on a Vision Board and it is all over our online presence and physically where we can see them every day. Our Board shows Our Daughters which represent our Goal for more family time, Our Dream House which represents our Financial Goal. We have numbers tied to each. Family Time = 3 Weeks of NO WORK Vacations. And the House = $500k in the Bank. Now for measurement I have been able to shut down and do NO Work on a 1 Week vacation and are 2/3rds to this goal. And we have been able to put aside about $38k in the bank with $400+ to go to achieve this one.
Again, if you don’t have a target to aim at, then you’re never going to hit it. Don’t expect to build a successful Ambit career if you are working your business inconsistently and without any real, measurable goals. Your goals will be reached when you make them specific and work toward them every day. There will be times that discouragement or disappointment will set in and that is where our next factor comes into play.
4. You Just Can’t Quit - You Need the Will Do Attitude.
Any entrepreneur who pulls the plug on his or her business within just a few months might as well not have ever started the business in the first place. Businesses take time to build. Give your Ambit business at least one year of consistent effort. Evaluate your goals and achievements after one year. Of course, you should also evaluate smaller goals as you go along.
Some consultants grow their businesses faster than others, and that almost always comes down to individual goals and the amount of consistent effort. Your business also grows at different speeds at different times. Don’t get discouraged when you see others having success faster than you, because that will happen. Just continue to work your business consistently. Ambit National Consultant Steve Thompson has a yacht named “Never Quit.” Of the four factors we covered here, this one is the most important. The number one reason people fail at building an Ambit career is because they quit. They just give up and walk away. Remember, you’re building a stream of income, and that takes a lot more effort up front. Think of Ambit as an asset you acquire that, over time, will continue to put money you have generated into your bank account. How big do you want your business to be? That’s totally up to you.
In the beginning of our Ambit business we were Bright Eyed and in awe of how awesome this business is. Today, over 18 months later we still have the same thoughts. Now, I have to say it has not been all rainbows and unicorns. There were times of discouragement and thoughts of quitting. But with the help and encouragement from the many partners we have made a great residual income and most important family time.
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We will welcome you, like we were, with open arms and help you on your way.
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