Saturday, August 10, 2013

Update! I am now earning 14.93% at Lending Club

I'm currently earning a 14.93% Net Annualized Return as a Lending Club investor. I think this is a service you should check out.

It's easy and free to join. Because I invited you, you'll receive a $25 bonus on an initial investment of $2,500 or more. Now you do not have to start with a $2,500 investment. I started with a $100 initial investment and a $25 a week recurring contribution. 

This program is really cool. I have been purchasing a few small notes every week and now have a very nice portfolio in about a month and a half. I am very happy that I read the post on this from the Entrepreneur Magazines twitter feed. Their objective review of Lending Club and other crowdfunding programs led me to here. Another major plus that I found out when reviewing this program was the amount of money #Google invested in the project.

Here is my sales pitch. If you have some extra dough and are looking for a place to put it, open up a #LendingClub account. I will make a few buck by referring you to this program and so can you with an investment of $2,500. But, like me, you can start off small. Either way this is a great program.

Sign up for a no-cost account >>>

Lending Club respects the privacy of its members. Your personal information, whether you invest or not and how much you invest will always be kept totally confidential from other members--including me.
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